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What’s new with Jay

Regular followers of my site will notice a distinct absence of new articles over the past while at Jaycarterbrown.com. Over the past few years my cannabis grow tips have dwindled to almost nothing. Now that weed is legal where I live (Canada) everyone has been offering up grow tips on the internet and elsewhere. Many tips conflict with other grower’s tips and it is up to the reader/researcher to determine which is fact and which is fiction. I have already written my “grow tips” book titled GROWING MARIJUANA INDOORS, A FOOLPROOF GUIDE by Jay Carter Brown. Having written my book on marijuana cultivating tips I see no point in writing another. I could rewrite a fresh cannabis grow book and market it with a new different look. But that seems somewhat dishonest even though many authors do just that. They come up with a winning concept and repeat it over and over again. A genre some might call it. Although I have little new grow information I do occasionally share my results with different grow equipment such as LED lights which I am not ready to accept and cultivating supplies such as ventilated grow bags which I experimented with a while ago and then decided not to recommend them (see my grow tips column for more about grow bags). Besides my “Grow book” I have also written a short fiction action and adventure novel called OPERATION PAYBACK a police and drugs story much of which is located in Jamaica. It was fun to write about the “cool runnings” in Jamaica but much more difficult than writing my “how to” grow book. Conjuring up a good action story and then creating believable characters and realistic dialogue in Operation Payback proved more difficult than I ever could have imagined. I didn’t write just one novel when I wrote Operation Payback. I wrote about a dozen different stories if you count all the revisions and rewrites I had to make before it was ready for publishing. Writing a novel for some authors is easy. They sit down and write a fast story in one take. For me it was a much slower process and I don’t imagine I will want to repeat the exercise any time soon. So that precludes my writing another “grow book” or my writing another fiction novel. I wrote a third book called Smugglers Blues which has been the most successful of my three published books, selling over ten thousand copies in Canada the US and Britain. Smugglers Blues is an autobiography. It was perhaps the easiest of the three different book types I worked on. ( A how to “cannabis grow” book, a fiction novel and an autobiography). The hardest part of writing a bio book was remembering every detail of every episode while keeping a neutral and non judgemental position on all the characters. Adding in my personal comments and opinions was easy but not always wise. But that’s what an autobiography is isn’t it. Honest even when describing yourself behaving in less than perfect fashion. After the success of Smugglers Blues I thought I might repeat the formula but how do you do that with an autobiography. Once you have written an autobiography the story is told. I suppose I could retell the story, repackage it and re market it but that would not interest me and as I said earlier it seems somewhat dishonest. So why bother to keep writing short stories and giving out grow tips for free on my web site? Its a good question. One that has been plaguing me for several years now. But the fact is if another writing project comes my way I will happily take it on. Maybe in the future I will have a new book title to announce. Meanwhile keep an eye on my web site Jaycarterbrown.com “grow tips” for new info and articles that will be forthcoming until then.