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Jay Carter Brown BLOG 2

Welcome to the Jay Carter Brown web site. Your questions and comments are invited on any subject particularly those that connect to Smuggler’s Blues and the author’s e-novel titled , Payback, Guns, Drugs and Poli-tricks and his gro-book titled How to Grow Marijuana indoors, A Foolproof Guide. To begin with this blog will answer a question posed by Jim Beam in Amazon.UK’s comments section on its web site about Smuggler’s Blues. Jim gave high praise to Smuggler’s Blues but since the cover states that it is “based” on a true story he questioned just how much of the book is true. To answer that question directly it’s all true. Names were changed and situations were skewed but Smuggler’s Blues is a real story about real people. There is no statute of limitations on capital crimes in Canada so it seemed prudent for the author not to include any facts that he might regret later. A careful reader will note that there are several references to time frames in Smuggler’s Blues but no actual dates. That is because two lawyers and a lot of common sense dictated a degree of vagueness in the story to protect the author and others from the crimes revealed in the SB story. The lessons learned in SB however are freely shared in the hope that others will in some way benefit from the author’s experience.