Smuggler’s Blues

The Saga of a Marijuana Importer

Mobsters, murder, betrayal, and revenge are the raw components of this candid look into the day–to–day life of a modern–day marijuana smuggler.Told from the viewpoint of an impressionable young entrepreneur named Jay Carter Brown, the book quickly draws the reader into the gritty underbelly of the international drug trade…

Operation Payback

A Story of Drugs, Guns and Poli-tricks

Payback is the story of two men on a mission, one a Canadian police agent who values the rule of law, the other a Cuban terrorist who values his own brand of justice. The tale begins when the RCMP are advised by the CIA that Cuban drug smugglers are planning to sabotage the upcoming Jamaican elections in the Caribbean. The two police agencies team up to stop this threat to democracy and Brian Fox is the RCMP Corporal assigned to the case. Corporal Fox’s “apple pie” attitude initially clashes with a more experienced CIA agent as their investigation carries the two undercover officers from the deepest jungles of Jamaica to the dirtiest back streets of Montreal….

Growing Marijuana Indoors

A Foolproof Guide



I wrote this book for my wife. We both smoke cannabis and have done so for most of our lives. I started out buying cannabis which is almost affordable if you smoke less than an ounce a month. But once you go beyond that amount it is prudent to find some other way of obtaining it other than outright purchase. Some people deal a little weed and subsidize their habit that way….

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